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4 Cool Summer Job Ideas For Teens

4 Cool Summer Job Ideas For Teens

Once you reach the age of 16, you become eligible for all sorts of paying jobs. You can check the specific laws in your state, because some states will even let you start legitimately working when you’re even younger. Overall, the age of 16 is a good time to start working because you have hopefully matured enough by this point to manage the stress and demands that come with working. The goal, however, for kids shouldn’t be to simply work. Why not try to find a cool job that pays you, too? There are several jobs that can pay you but which offer a fun or festive environment. Consider one of the jobs below and see if any trigger your interest.


Hollywood films and TV shows love to set their location at pools and beaches, and these characters inevitably look breezy and cool as they enjoy the summer and simultaneously get a paycheck. This job – one I had for years during high school and college – is one of the best ways to avoid a stuffy office environment and spend the summer outdoors. Lifeguards are needed at pools, popular swimming lakes, and beaches, so check out all the available options.

Staff at concession stands or other jobs at outdoor concert venues or festivals

Like lifeguarding, working at outdoor concert venues or festivals can be both fun and money-making. In the summer, there are concerts and festivals that pop up everywhere. If there is a particular venue or festival you like near you, check the appropriate websites and look into short-term work opportunities.

Frozen yogurt and ice cream shops

One of the surest ways to find a summer job is to check out local frozen yogurt and ice cream shops. These stores often hire teenagers, and the constant mix of faces coming and going through the door makes the shift go a lot faster. Plus, who doesn’t like to be around ice cream?


At first, the idea of babysitting might not sound that interesting or cool. What is cool, however, is the fact that you can often earn more money per hour babysitting than doing a lot of other jobs. When it comes to how much you would charge per hour, ask the parents what they have in mind to pay per hour. If it’s a little low, say, “I was actually hoping to make [insert your number] because I am saving for [insert whatever you want to use the money for].” You know, tug on the heart strings a bit.

Discuss your job preferences with your parents

Once you’ve figured out where you’d like to work, talk to a few friends and see if any of them would like to apply at the same place. Having a friend at work for the summer can be fun, but it can also make your parents feel better to know that you have a friend looking out for you wherever you end up working. Talk to your parents about your ideas, and remember you have to compromise in any relationship!

Feel proud of working, as trite as that may sound

I’ve heard some children compare their experiences to a random friend or two who comes from a family with a lot of money. These kids say, “But she doesn’t have to work – her parents just give her money!” Some wealthy parents have the mistaken motion that not making their children work is a good thing. While it may not be ideal during the school year, there is no good reason why a high schooler can’t work in the summer. If you get a summer job, feel proud of yourself that you earn some of your own money and that you don’t need to rely on your parents for every single dollar!

Dr. Seth Meyers Dr. Seth Meyers is a licensed clinical psychologist and author in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in parenting and relationships, and he is trained in multiple evidence-based parenting interventions. Dr. Seth earned his B.A. in psychology from Vassar College and earned his Psy.D. in clinical psychology from Yeshiva University in New York City. He appears regularly on television programs, including Good Morning America, 20/20, ABC News, The Doctors, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew and others. Dr. Seth is the author of Overcome Relationship Repetition Syndrome and Find the Love You Deserve.
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