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8 Easy Ways to Save Money

8 Easy Ways to Save Money

There are all kinds of cool ways to save. A lot of it is really common sense, and you’ve probably heard it before. But it works!

Couponing. Couponers get a bad rap sometimes, but you would be amazed at how much money they save.

Buy generic. Depending on the product, you can save a good bit by buying generic. Some things, like toilet paper, you might want to spend a little extra on, though. Your call.

Bring your lunch. Brown bag it! You can’t go out to lunch these days without spending at least $6 or $7. That adds up quickly. Bring your own lunch and save the cash.


Use cash. You actually use less money when you spend cash, instead of using the credit card. Do it.

Wait for the sales. But only on the stuff you need! Show a little patience and restraint and you can get some great deals.

Buy used. Craigslist. Ebay. Through co-workers. There’s all kinds of ways to buy used stuff, and you’ll save a ton of money.

Turn off the lights! This might seem simple, but by keeping unneeded lights off in the house, you’d be amazed at how much your power bill drops.

Drink tap water. The $3 soda at a restaurant, the $10 cocktail at a restaurant, the pricey bottled waters—it all adds up. If you’re tap water is terrible, buy a filter. It’s a better long-term investment than constantly drinking from bottles.

What else? That’s up to you!

There are thousands of ways to save money. Once you get started, your creative juices will start flowing and you’ll be saving tons of money in no time!

Rachel Cruze Growing up as Dave Ramsey's kid, Rachel Cruze learned the basic principles of money at an early age. She travels across the country teaching those same principles, in a personal and passionate message of money and hope, to teens and young adults. To find out more about Rachel, visit www.daveramsey.com/speakers or follow her on Twitter at @RachelCruze.
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