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Why You Should Invent a Job This Summer

Why You Should Invent a Job This Summer

Summer is coming and you might be looking for a summer job. It will be better if, instead of finding a job, you invent one.

Here’s why. As a recent New York Times interview by Thomas Friedman makes clear, being able to invent employment is an essential life skill for everyone in the new economy. Friedman interviewed Tony Wagner, a Harvard education professor and author of Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World. Wagner believes that the old pattern of graduating from high school or college, finding a job in the conventional way, and then doing work that draws on one’s education is a pattern that is no longer reasonable. Life no longer works that way.

Unemployment among college graduates is at an all-time high, as high as 53% according to The Atlantic. To make their way in the world, young people need more than just a good education and connections. They need creativity and motivation.

According to Harvard’s Wagner, it’s not enough to know facts – the sorts of things standardized tests are good at measuring. Instead, kids today need to be “innovation-ready.” Wagner says, “what you know matters far less than what you can do with what you know.” This is where your summer plans come in.

Instead of getting a job like everyone else – or, more likely, looking for a job like everyone else and probably not find one – assess your skills and interests and the needs of the community. What can you do that others might pay you to do? How can you turn your assets into cash?

Many of us did just that when we mowed lawns or babysat in our teen years. These are still good entrepreneurial ventures. But there are more. Here is just a starter list of jobs a teen could invent:

Computer specialist                                 Gardener
Tutor                                                             T-shirt designer
Guitar or piano teacher                             Greeting card artist
Writer                                                            Window cleaner
Birthday party planner                               Car detailer
Dog walker                                                 Garage organizer

The point is not so much to make money. The summer is, after all, of limited duration and it takes time to build a market and visibility. The point is to learn how to find work from within…. To value one’s own talents and abilities and not rely on someone else to provide a job.

According to Tony Wagner this is the key to a life of full employment. He says, “Young people who are intrinsically motivated — curious, persistent, and willing to take risks — will learn new knowledge and skills continuously. They will be able to find new opportunities or create their own — a disposition that will be increasingly important as many traditional careers disappear.”

Summer is a great time to build these attitudes. Learning how to invent a job just might be your most important accomplishment for your future.

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Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson Dr. Patricia Anderson is a nationally acclaimed educational psychologist and the author of “Parenting: A Field Guide.” Dr. Anderson is on the Early Childhood faculty at Walden University and she is a Contributing Editor for Advantage4Parents. Learn more about Dr. Anderson at http://www.patricianananderson.com/
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