The #1 Reason People Are Overweight

America has an epidemic of overweight adults and children: 65% are overweight and 35% are obese. What is causing this health epidemic? Kate Raidt has a frank discussion with nutritionist Cheryl Forberg about America's health crisis - and the real reason so many people are overweight.

The Best Job Search Strategy

The job descriptions of over 80% of future positions are not posted. These jobs are still in the minds of hiring managers because the last thing a manager wants to do is post a job. Job seekers, now is the time to take the initiative! Be proactive.

The Power of Giving Back

There is no better feeling with permanent lasting effects on your soul and spirit than the act of giving to people in need. When you develop relationships with people in need, you not only have the chance to inspire and change a human life, but many times that human life is your own.

7 Benefits of Self-Employment

What are your goals in life? How is your current career helping your reach your goals in life? If your current job is not allowing you to reach your goals in life, what are 3 careers that will help you reach your goals and be a powerful vehicle for you?
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