How Teens Can Apologize…For Real

When you think of an apology, you probably think of the words, “I’m sorry,” as this has become synonymous with apologizing. As children, we are all taught to say, “I’m sorry,” and we seek to hear those very words from anyone whom we think may have wronged us in any way. It’s as if hearing […]

How to Break Up With a Bad Friend

The teenage years can be challenging in many ways, particularly in the realm of navigating the ups and downs of friendships.  While these years may be filled with many emotional roller coasters, the lessons you will learn from how you handle these difficulties will hold value for the rest of your life. It is incredibly […]

How Do I Get My Parents To Trust Me?

So your parents don’t trust you, and you’re wondering why. To start with, recognize that a big part of this may be their own fears and worries about you and your well-being. Sometimes what looks like distrust is really just fear. It’s also possible that what feels like distrust comes from their feeling that they […]

My Sibling Is a Pest

“My little brother tags along with me everywhere. I can’t get rid of him, and my mom says I have to be nice to him. He’s an embarrassment! Help!” Let’s face it. You are the person your brother or sister looks up to and wants to be like. You know so much more than your […]

Do You Need to Change Schools?

Middle School and High School can be some of the most challenging years of your life. As you’re going through the developmental stages, each one brings with it different challenges and potential problems. Peers can be incredibly cruel, not to mention how inappropriate many teachers and staff members can be. If you’re not the smartest […]

When You Make a Really Bad Decision

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your parents or others are asking you what the heck you were thinking or why on earth you did something and the only answer you can come up with is, “I don’t know?” I mean, the reality is that you actually know you made a really […]
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