My Parents Want Me to Play a Sport I Hate

This is one of those questions that’s tough to answer without knowing your parents. Are your parents good listeners? Do they typically value your opinions? I hope that you have at least one parent who will listen to you if you approach them the right way. Think about who that is–or who is closest to […]

Who Are You – And How Do Others See You?

Do you ever wonder who you really are? Maybe you feel like many different people all trapped in one body. Sometimes, you enjoy being very social, fashionable and extroverted, while other times you might think this really makes you feel uncomfortable and realize you’d rather be with people that are more mellow, quiet and chill. […]

How to Get the Respect You Want and Deserve

Respect is something everyone deserves. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, black or white, gay or straight, educated or not, rich or poor…you deserve respect. It is not unreasonable to expect this from others. Respect simply means “to show regard or consideration for.” How hard is that really? The alternative to respect […]
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