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Meet the Raidt Family!


Kate Raidt

Famous phrase: ” Yaddi yaddi yadda….”

Kate was the lead singer for the electronic band Matson Belle for 8 years. They were nominated for an American Music Award and won 5 Austin Music Awards. Today their music can be heard on iTunes

Kate is also the author of The Million-Dollar Parent and founder of Advantage4Parents

Daniel Raidt

Famous phrase: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!”

Daniel was born and raised in Southern Germany where he played semi-pro soccer for FC Tuttlingen. He met Kate in 2004 while she was living in Prague, The Czech Republic. Daniel received a degree in International Business from Leeds Metropolitan University in England and another degree in Business Administration from The University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, Germany.

He now eats spreadsheets for breakfast.

Conley Raidt

Famous phrases: “Mom, Bodie farted!” and “I love Christmas because all of the gifts from Santa are FREE!”

Conley is an adventurous second grader. She loves dancing, singing, cooking…and annoying her little brother. Her favorite TV show is “Dancing with the Stars”.

Bodie Raidt

Famous phrase: When asked “Bodie, do you want the chicken thigh or breast” he replied, “I’ll eat anything. Just don’t give me any of the private parts!”

Bodie is 5-years old. He loves soccer, tennis, football…anything that has resulted in his parents increasing their accidental injury insurance policies.

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